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Our Bar-Coded Tagging system is easy to use and ensures accuracy!

Once you have your consignor number and are registered through our system, you can access your to create, change, and print tags here:

As always, tags should be printed on white or cream card stock. This is in your best interest, as colored paper is difficult for scanners to read, and flimsy paper is likely to become detached from the item. 

Items should be well attached! You can use safety pins, or a tag gun (they can be purchased on eBay or retail supply stores.) You may also print directly onto adhesive shipping labels and stick them to the upper right chest area of the garment.

Tags should be placed through the inner tag at the back of the neck of each garment. For garments that do not have a tag, attach the tag in a similar area as if they did. Please do not place tags in other areas such as the sleeve. Take care that the clothing is not damaged by your tagging!

For toys, books and other items, affix the tag securely and visibly, but in such a way that it will not damage the item when removed. Refrain from using adhesives such as double sided tape for this purpose, as it will damage your item.

Please remember the bar code tells the computer the price, so make sure your bar codes look clear and crisp. Make sure nothing is printed on the opposite side of your tag, particularly nothing with a bar code!

Do not attempt to shrink or modify the shape of the tag as this will make it difficult to scan.

Changes to your tag involving the price or whether the item will be discounted must be made in the system and NOT with a pen. Scanners read bar codes, not what you wrote, and if we accepted written in price changes, we wouldn't know if a dishonest person had changed the price or you had!

You do not have to be detailed in your description of the item, however one advantage to being accurate is that we will have a better chance of looking an item up and getting it sold should the tag become detached. A good description includes brand, color, or clothing line, the word "set," if there is more than one piece and NWT if the item is new with tag.

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