Items we accept:

Name Brand (new and used) clothing and shoes for boys and girls size 0-14 for all seasons. Must be high quality, in excellent condition.
Newer and in-style baby equipment such as strollers, swings, carriers, pack and plays, car seats etc. These items sell very well!
Furniture such as cribs, rockers, high chairs, etc.
Name brand linens, trendy diaper bags, toys, children's DVDs, video games, etc

*We are always looking for fabulous Boutique Sellers that can bring something new for our shoppers to enjoy. If you have a unique custom item to offer, contact us via email and tell us about it! We will tell you about the options available to our boutique sellers.

*Please pay close attention! We have limited space and cannot accept items that don't meet these guidelines!


- needs to be free from stains, fading and pilling, missing buttons, etc. and basically in excellent used condition.
- can be from any season, but we recommend that you keep the very summery at home for the fall sales, and the very wintery at home for the spring sales, as they do not sell well out of their respective season.
- Please no character clothing (SpongeBob, Dora, Disney etc.) This does not apply to costumes!
- Shoes must have very little wear/scuffing.
- Our sale is focused on high quality name brand clothing. Please note we will accept a limited amount of clothing from Carters, OshKosh, and other store brands. Any clothing item you bring in should be in current style. If the dress Great Aunt so and so gave you looks like something your mom made you wear when you were a kid (ie stiff velvet, rolled ribbon roses, frilly collar-you know the one) please leave it at home!
Again, please understand that some items may not be accepted, simply because they are not what our shoppers are looking for.

Maternity Wear

New to our last sale! We will now accept very stylish maternity pieces. Bear in mind that if your sister-in-law gave it to you and you never wore it because it is ugly, our shoppers probably agree with you! Please leave these items at home.


All clothing items should be on a hanger, hung facing left so that the hook forms a question mark. Make sure your clothing is cleaned and pressed so that it looks its best. Onsies and blankets should be placed in clear-plastic bags. When possible, group small items such as socks and tights together and package in clear plastic (ziplock okay.)

'Play Condition'

We generally do not want items that are not in great condition, but if you have a great item with a very small flaw, you may sell it by including the words PLAY CONDITION in the tag and pricing it accordingly. This is a change from past policy. Again, it must be a small flaw on a great item, or we may have you take it back home with you.


All items must be in great condition, meet current safety standards and the fabrics should be clean and up to date (not bears, clowns, bright primary colors) Please nothing over 5 years old.

Car seats must be less than 5 years old and have never been involved in an accident.
Bouncers, swings etc should have all pieces and batteries included, so shoppers can see them work.
Cribs must be disassembled and include all parts and a large picture of how it looks fully assembled (can be the actual crib or a stock photo.)

All consignors will sign a waiver stating that all the items they are selling are not part of a recall and meet current safety standards.

For more info regarding recalled items, please visit:


We will accept a limited amount of toys with preference given to high quality, learning, and NWT toys. Any toy that requires batteries, needs to have them included so that shoppers can see they are in working order. All toys should be clean and new looking. Any small pieces should be in a plastic bag attached to the toy. Only new stuffed animals will be accepted.


You are absolutely in control of the price of each piece. We want you to be happy with the price your item sells for, of course we also want your items to sell well. Use common sense and consider the brand and condition. Try to think what you would pay for the item in excellent used condition. It will be purchased quickly if it's a bargain. When possible, include original packaging. Also, multiple piece outfits tend to sell better than individual pieces. If you are not sure what to price an item, refer to the pricing guide. Please stay in 50 cent increments; $6.50 or $7.00- not $6.49 or $6.99.

Optional guide:
Brands such as Old Navy other store brands:
Single top, bodysuit, leggings, skirt, pj’s, other basics $1-$4
Jeans, sweaters, jackets, dresses $3-$8
Multi piece outfits: $5-$12

Name brands including Gap, Gymboree, Hannah Andersson ect.
Single top, bodysuit, leggings, skirt, pj’s, other basics $3-$8
Jeans, sweaters, jackets, dresses $5-$16
Multi piece outfits:
Top & bottom $6-$14
Several pieces $9-$20
*If you have many pieces from the same line, we would recommend making them into outfits vs selling as individual pieces or trying to sell them altogether.

Very High end such as tea collection, baby cakes, baby nay, Catamini, Janie and Jack other boutique and European brands:
Single top, bodysuit, leggings, skirt, pj’s, other basics $5-$14
Jeans, sweaters, Jackets, dresses $8-$20
Multi piece outfits:
Top and bottom $10-$18
Several pieces $14-$28

Shoes sell best in the $4-$8 range, making exceptions for higher end shoes that are brand new.


After you have signed up to consign, it's time to start tagging! Use our barcoded tagging system and print on white or ivory cardstock only. Regular paper can become easily detached from your item, and colored paper is harder for our bar scanners to read. When tagging clothing, attach to the tag or seam on the item itself- DO NOT affix your tag to the hanger or other packaging. A retail tag gun is worth the small investment if you have a lot items. A vertical safety pin is acceptable as well. Do not use straight pins, ouch! Make sure all items that go together are attached to one another. When tagging large or irregular objects, use common sense, just make sure the tag is clearly visible and that it will not damage the item when removed.